Carolyn J. Carver


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                 International Speaker                                          Author                                     (She's really funny, too!)

Carolyn J. Carver

In a world where most communication happens via technology, how do we take advantage of Opportunities to Influence?  Carolyn thrives on delivering presentations that influence and she delivers with a BIG DOSE OF HUMOR!  

Over a decade as a Professional Speaker and 25 years in the Banking industry, her real-life experiences will hit home with all attendees regardless of their generation. Her audiences across the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Great Britain have said that her presentations have literally changed their lives! Her passion is showing Leaders of organizations how to help their employees bring value to the organization.  She influences and impacts with a huge amount of fun! And she is looking forward to the opportunity to bring her message of success from value to your organization!



Carolyn's Topics

                          Results-Driven Leadership In Today's World

                            Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

                                       Communicating to Influence



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Carolyn J. Carver