Carolyn J. Carver


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Developing Your emotional intelligence: The #1 Indicator of success at work!

Your thoughts drive your emotions that create your actions that get you your results. It all starts with your thoughts.

Wouldn't it be great to manage your emotions in those stressful situations at work instead of waking up at 2:00 am thinking, "you know what I should've said"? Wouldn't it create less stress for you if you could influence others in those same situations? Have you ever thought to yourself, "I should not have said or done that. Now I have to apologize."? 

The solution is to understand and develop your Emotional Intelligence!

Our brains have not had a hard-drive upgrade in 10,000 years! Humans became more intelligent but the area of our brain where our emotions are housed did not develop.  And, after all, we are emotional beings. We cannot be emotional and reasonable at the same time.  When you develop your Emotional Intelligence, you make a conscience choice to be reasonable!


This informative and incredibly entertaining keynote will give you immediate awareness of why we get emotional and how to manage it to influence others.  You and your attendees will walk away with skills to manage every situation!  

As with all of Carolyn's keynotes, this one can be expanded to a 2-4 hour workshop and will be customized to fit the needs of your conference, meeting and/or organization.


Carolyn J. Carver