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About Carolyn

When you are looking for a presentation that will influence your team long after the event, look no further than Carolyn Carver!  People who’ve had the pleasure of attending her keynotes and workshops consistently use the same words to describe her and the experience: Insightful, valuable and inspirational.   And Carolyn brings it with an incredible dose of humor!


Carolyn's passion is helping Managers and Supervisors view themselves as Leaders and inspiring them to provide effective Leadership to their team members. For more than a decade she has traveled the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, England and Scotland entertaining and influencing thousands of attendees.  She specializes in Results-Driven Leadership,  Communicating to Influence and Building Your Emotional Intelligence.

Amazingly Helpful Tool:

Since the #1 fear tends to be public speaking, Carolyn wrote a book entitled Taking the ‘Eek’ out of Public Speaking.  From understanding and managing the fear to wrapping up your speech, this handy reference book will get you through any presentation!


Carolyn enjoyed 25 years in the banking industry.  She had, pretty much, every job you can have in Branch Banking and spent the last 15 years of that career as a Manager.  She prefers to use the term “Leader” rather than “Manager”.  Anybody can be a Manager and with the right training, any Manager can choose to be a LEADER!

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Carolyn lives in Northern Arizona with her fabulous husband, Richard.  When she’s not entertaining and influencing audiences, she and her husband enjoy riding their Harleys wherever the open road happens to take them. She’s proud to say that she’s ridden her own motorcycle since 2010 and currently rides a 2013 Harley Davidson Deluxe Softail.  

Carolyn J. Carver